Help my website is a mess! the issues that plague goal-less websites

In this video Chris Waters Geelong and Melbourne website designer discusses how important it is for every website to be built and designer around a single goal, and how a failure to do this leads to messy websites which fail to achieve anything.

If you are looking to develop a new website for your business or project, or maybe you want some changes or features added to an existing website you can email Chris at or visit his website

Chris Waters is an award winning Australian website designer based just outside of Melbourne in Geelong, Victoria Australia.

If you are looking for website developer, or website designer in Melbourne or Geelong you’ve come to the right place. Read on below to learn more about Chris Waters Website Designer.

Over the past 10 years Chris has worked as the director for two of Geelong’s and Melbourne’s biggest website design agencies. Combining his knowledge of design, development, project management & marketing Chris providers all the experience of a large digital agency, with the focus, communication and dedication of a sole trader.

“Hi I’m Chris Waters and yes, I build, design and produce websites. But unlike other designers I’m not just interesting in making something that looks pretty, it feeds to be functional, and purple built. The way I look at it is that I build online marketing tools. Digital website applications that are designed around a specific goal, for a specific audience to achieve a specific purpose. Anyone can make a website that looks great. That’s easy. I’ve chosen to make it my career goal to build websites that perform!

I’m one of those weird people who are equally geeky, arty and social. I love getting thousands of lines deep in code, just as much as I enjoy finding efficiencies in project management or communication.

Working with me is like getting the work force of sole attention of a big agency, for a single person’s fee. Sounds attractive, right?

Through years of managing the work forces of multiple creative agencies I’ve discovered the balance between clearly articulated project structures, and flexible relationships expectations.

I’m formulaic in my approach working to pre-defined review rounds, project scope and budgets, yet I place a high value on relationships which keeps things flexible.

At the end of the day I’m interested in a) producing great work b) creating great working relationships. I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve these two things.

If you are looking for an Australian website designer based in Melbourne and Geelong you should give me a call, or email me at” – Chris Waters, Website Designer