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An introduction to who I am and where I've been.

What drives my work?

Hi I’m Chris Waters and yes, I build, design and produce websites. But unlike other designers I’m not just interested in making something that looks pretty, it needs to be functional, and purpose built. The way I look at it is that I build online marketing tools. Digital website applications that are designed around a specific goal, for a specific audience to achieve a specific purpose. Anyone can make a website that looks great. That’s easy. I’ve chosen to make it my career goal to build websites that perform!

I’m one of those weird people who are equally geeky, arty and social. I love getting thousands of lines deep in code, just as much as I enjoy finding efficiencies in project management or communication.

Working with me is like getting the work force of sole attention of a big agency, for a single person’s fee. Sounds attractive, right?

Did I mention my skills?

When you work with a single developer it’s important that they are multi-disciplinary. I’ve worked hard over the years to broaden my skill set to enable me to do all of the the work of an agency, but with the focus and attention of an individual.

  • Digital design
  • MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS & Java script coding languages
  • Database
  • Graphic design
  • UI and UX user journey management.
  • Website security
  • Project management
  • Client management
  • Communication
  • Relationship and results driven approach
  • SEO
  • WHM, Cpanel website hosting

Ready to make something amazing?

Contact me now & let’s start planning your amazing new website.

Getting the balance right.

Through years of managing the work forces of multiple creative agencies I’ve discovered the balance between clearly articulated project structures, and flexible relationships expectations.

I’m formulaic in my approach working to pre-defined review rounds, project scope and budgets, yet I place a high value on relationships which keeps things flexible and organic.

I’m interested in a) producing great work and b) creating great working relationships. I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve these two things.

My exciting journey.


Graduated Web Design Adv Dip
I’ve always had a love and passion for design, so after completing my degree in Theology I went back in and sharped my skills in web design.


Started worked as a solo designer & developer
After warping up my studies I started working as a freelance designer under my own name.


Joined team @ Choc Chip Digital
Producing some great work in the local Geelong scene caused me to get noticed by Choc Chip Digital which I joined as a designer.


Promoted to Managing Director of Choc Chip Digital
After working Choc Chip Digital for a few years my talent saw me take on directorship in the agency.


Joined Pace Advertising as Digital Director
When Geelong’s biggest website design and marketing agency asks you to come on board you don’t say no. In 2018 I took over management of Pace’s digital services arm as Account Director.


Left Pace Advertising
After growing the team by 40% in the first two years, & the delivery of a number of industry award winning websites, in 2020 I decided to leave the agency in pursuit of other exciting projects.


working as a freelance designer & developer
And here I am! A full circle to where I started. Now working again as a freelancer website designer and digital consultant and loving it!

Website Design

Beautiful websites with goal driven design, to steal your audiences attention and reach the goal you want. 

Website Hosting

Lighting fast, industry leading, scalable, fully managed Australia based website hosting packages and support.


On-page SEO optimisation, planning and implementation to give your content the best chance and ranking highly.