Chris Waters

Website design that's more than skin deep.


Website Designer & Digital Artist

“It’s not just enough for your website to look amazing, it needs to achieve your goals. Combine attraction driven design with purpose planning and you are on the path of success.”


Since 2000

Experience goes a long way towards success.

Like any industry there are people whose service is nasty and cheap, and there are people who are really good at what they do. I fit into the later category.

My name is Chris Waters and I am a Website Designer and Digital Artist based in Geelong, Victoria.


My Speciality

Website design that produces results.

There are so many pitfalls  when it comes to choosing someone to design your website. Large agencies churn out websites in bulk with little thought for their clients or the end results. To them you’re just a profit margin, and a number on a project management whiteboard.

Smaller inexperienced designers who are just getting started might seem attractive to your budget, but only end up burning you later when they can’t produce the quality or product you’re after, hacking together something that looks half finished and will only break later leaving you disheartened and disappointed.

What you need is an experienced website designer who will journey alongside you, crafting for you a website that’s going to engage your userbase, produce results and support your business for years to come. In case you haven’t picked it up yet I am that experienced website designer.

Additional services

agency freelance design – website hosting – website support

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Working locally, with an international client base.

Go pro & get a personalised service.

Having worked as the owner and managing director of two of Geelong’s largest digital website design agencies I understand the importance of personalised service supported by high communication. At the end of the day you want piece of mind that your project is going to meet your expectations.

A little bit of advice goes a long way.


When you working through the complexities of planning your website you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. This is why it’s never been more important to work with someone who has your back, and is thinking about the success of your business, not just getting the job completed and ticked off. I pride myself on being someone who will offer advice and ideas, not being scared of a little extra hard work if it means the project is going to be a success.

Full Client COntrol

At the end of the day it’s important to me that you can edit your website, and be feel comfortable doing so. I provide a full suite of training to each of my clients after a job has been completed.


There are a lot of ways to build a website, and a lot of features to include or keep out. Together we can find a budget that works for everyone.